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If you've recorded your songs at home but just can't get the results you want, you can have the benefit of having them mixed at Cadmanlane Studio, using our large format mixing desk with extensive hardware and software outboard and - more importantly perhaps - our many years experience in working with a wide variety of musical styles.

Some things that can be done within your mix may include:-

  • Correcting arrangement issues
  • Adding vocal effects
  • Pitch Correction
  • Drum sound replacement
  • Balancing instruments
  • Balancing frequencies
  • Adjusting volumes
  • Adjusting timings
  • Removing undesirable artifacts (pops, clicks, breaths etc)
Mixing is a skill all on it's own and is incredibly important to the overall sound and presentation of your song. The mix can change the character of your music dramatically.


Send us your track stems and we'll mix your track/s for you!

Online Mixing Sessions are unattended sessions only.
Free Mastering available on approved mixed tracks - further details on application

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