Cadmanlane Studio

Recording Studio



Cadmanlane Studio B is a superb self-contained "live" room, suited to recording vocals, acoustic instruments and electronic bands / duos.

We can record your full band line-up "live", including e-drums so letting all band members play and record together, saving considerable time in any session and adding that all-important "live" vibe.
Charging points for mobiles / tablets are provided.

When you book a session at Cadmanlane Studio you also benefit from working with a friendly and very experienced producer / engineer who has had many years experience in recording all styles of music.


Fender Precision / Gibson EB3L (Fretless) Basses
Fender Stratocaster Guitar
Crafter / Applause 6-String Electro-Acoustic Guitars
Godman Spanish Electro-Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha P60 Stage Piano
Roland TD-3 V-Drum Drumkit
Marshall / Orange / Peavey / Laney / Roland Amps
Guitar / Amp Stands and Music Manuscript stands

Cadmanlane Recording Studio B

Cadmanlane Studio

Recording Studio

Cadmanlane Studio
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Cadmanlane Studio
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