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First established in 1976, Cadmanlane Studio is a flexible recording studio for recording, editing and mastering all styles of contemporary music, offering the services of an experienced professional Producer / Engineer.
We are located in East Yorkshire with excellent transport links links to Leeds, Wakefield, Hull, York, Doncaster and Sheffield.

Our two custom built recording studios offer a relaxed and friendly yet professional environment for Bands, Solo Artists and Musicians of all kinds wanting to record, produce, mix, master, duplicate or distribute their music.

In addition to providing excellent recording faciities, we also assist clients with songwriting techniques and arranging where required to get the asbsolute best from their music.

The Studio is now exclusively for use by established clients of Confidential Records and Maori Music Publishing who have previously submitted "live" performance claims to us, with a view to working on material for Digital Distribution or CD release.
We offer special rates for Solo / Duo acts and Bands.


For bands/acts who want to record as a full band, with separate "live" room and drum booth.


For electronic or acoustic acts, next to the control room and offering maximum flexibility for contemporary music sessions.


A spacious and productive environment that many bands / acts find is an ideal place to complete their overdubs in.

All session rates include the services of a professional Producer / Engineer to help you get the best from your time at the Studio.


MON - FRI : 9-00am - 7-00pm
(Except for Bank Holidays)

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Cadmanlane Studio

Recording Studio

Cadmanlane Studio
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Cadmanlane Studio
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